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2 Dark Review

Is 2Dark The Next Horror Hit?

2Dark is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is a game directed by Frédérick Raynal and a game that blends a creepy atmosphere with seriously creepy enemies.

2Dark starts you off as a guy called Erik, he lost his wife and daughter in a place called Gloomywood. His wife, callously murdered, his daughter never found and the whole story reeks of some sort of weird conspiracy that never unfolds as you would expect.


Man, it is dark in here…..

A few years later and it is time to head back to where your daughter was last seen. This time however, with a mission. A mission of finding many missing children in the area. It is only then that you find out about the host of serial murderers and creepy as hell Gloomywood dwellers.

2Dark is touted as a stealth game which blends horror with brutally difficult enemies. It does this extremely well.

Visually the game looks retro, it is a mix of 2D and 3D elements. Each character is distinct in the way he or she looks. The game has some voice acting at the beginning of each level in order to add suspense to the story and there are some voiced characters throughout the game.

The rest of the characters simply offer your typical speech in a bubble and in this instance it works really well. The art style oozes originality and its soundtrack has a sombre tone that is sure to send some serious chills down your spine.

Gameplay wise, the game is actually pretty straight forward. You have to head into areas filled with crazies in order to rescue children by offering candy. Yeah, I know offering candy to a random child nowadays will undoubtedly get you in trouble, but in Gloomydwood it seems normal to do that to get the kids to follow you to safety.

These kid snatchers won’t let you in to rescue them without a fight and sadly you are always ill equipped. You carry a pistol for protection, but ammo is limited and while you can find other weapons, they are all pretty much useless.

Luckily, you can save at any point in a level by sparking up a cigarette which is a god send. The game is brutally difficult as enemies will kill you in most cases unless shot. There are also plenty of instances where the environment can be used too, but these require planning and preparation as one wrong move could also kill you.


No, not the children!

2Dark also has guts in and is probably one of the first games I have played where children can get killed. Throughout my playthrough I accidentally shot a child to death and had five of them brutally savaged by lions and other traps. This prompts a game over screen if you killed them with a weapon, but environmental factors see the child’s body left on the floor as you escape.

It is unsettling in ways to even have this available, in other ways it can be seen that any action can cause death, even to the kids you are saving.

So 2Dark is mostly a great game that will certainly scare you at least, but there is one thing that takes some getting used to. This single hiccup is the control scheme. Movement and interaction is easy enough, but the menu on the side of the screen is a nightmare to get through quickly. To hold an item you have to first highlight by using the directional pad and then press triangle. It is a lengthy process that could have been solved with a quick menu of sorts, but it is still a process that can lose you enough time between being chased and being caught then stabbed to death.

This alone made the game much longer than it should have been and it seriously annoyed me when I fumbled the buttons to get what I wanted, just to get murdered by some psychopath.


Overall 2Dark is a really tense experience that provides a scary good ride through some sort of hell. It offers up great visuals, a great story and a seriously good atmosphere. Pair all that with superb animations and you have a pretty good horror game that is definitely worth playing!