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Game journalism corruption

What’s Wrong With Video Game Journalism Part 1

Remember when video game journalism wasn’t said with a sneer? I ‘member. I remember when I first became a video game journalist. The excitement about having a voice. I even remember wanting to take on the Irish Times about something they’d written. My colleagues got

Archive .IS

Helping Archive.Is With Translations

Hello Readers, It recently came to my attention that Archive.Is needs some support. Originally I wanted to do a fundraiser for the website, but after talking to the webmaster we came to a different conclusion. What Is Archive.Is? Archive.Is is a tool on the internet that

Gamify Your Class With Experience Points

Gamify Your Classroom With Hogwarts House Points

Hogwarts is a terrible school. Students die at an alarming rate, students are grouped by like-mindedness resulting in a class of ‘bad guys’, the sporting events are dangerous, and school punishments can involve walking into a forest with giant spiders and serial killers. Still, Hogwarts

Stephanie Smith

The Confessions Of A Reformed Racist

As a kid and even as a young adult I’d never identify as Irish. I hated the Irish in the same way most people hate drivers who cut them off. It was only upon recent reflection that I realized that I am essentially a reformed