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Dicecloud Dungeons And Dragons Character Sheet Guide

Dicecloud is an incredibly useful app for organising you Dungeons And Dragons character sheet. Unfortunately, unless you are a developer by trade, you unlikely to find a more fabulously unintuitive app on the market. Since the use of Dicecloud is mandatory in my Curse of Caherban campaign, I decided to put together a guide. In this guide, we will be making a character from scratch. Each part of the process will be under a separate heading. I’ll make my character viewable so you can compare.

Level 1 Character Creation

The New Character

First things first, make your Dicecloud account and then click characters. If you have already used the app your characters will be displayed here. All you need to do is click the white plus sign in the red circle in the bottom right to begin.

Dicecloud tutorial 1

From here you will be prompted to add the name, gender, and race of your character. We’re going to make a male drow in this tutorial.

Race Attributes

First, go to the journal tab and click your race. For me, this is a drow. In the top right corner, you will see a pencil icon. Click that to add your effects and proficiencies.

Adding Racial Ability Score Modifiers

According to the player’s handbook, I get a plus 1 in Charisma. So I go to Add Effect. In the drop-down menu, I select Ability Scores. In the second menu, I hit ‘add’ which will add it to my base score. Then, I type 1 on top.

Dicecloud tutorial 2

Simply press the back arrow in the effect window to save.

Adding Weapon Proficiencies

Next, we add our proficiencies. For a drow, that’s Rapier, Shortsword, and Handcrossbow.So click add proficiency. First, click skill and select weapon from the drop-down menu, then write its name in ‘name’.

Weapon Proficiency Dicecloud

Add all your weapon proficiencies like this. If you have too man a bug will cause the ‘Weapon’ option to be off-screen. Don’t panic. Simply add lots of empty proficiency slots. This will expand the page and allow you to select weapons again. Simply delete the extra spaces when you are finished.

Adding Speed

This one is nice and simple, but if you forget to add it then it won’t stop bouncing on your stat page. So all you do is Add Effect and go down to Speed.This time we are adding a Base Value. Next, you just write the number above. For a drow, that’s 30.

Racial Features

So some races have cat claws and all that jazz. These you add in the features tab. As a drow, I get awesome darkvision and terrible day vision. Since this is mainly something we as the player pay attention to all we really need to do is write this in.

Sunlight Sensitivity Dicecloud

If you had something cool like Cat Claws you could add an attack and climbing speed. A lot of these features you just have to type up and remember to use since Dicecloud can’t tell when you are in direct sunlight or not.

Racial Spells

So as a drow I get Fairie Fire. Let’s go to the spell tab and create a new list. Just click the little plus and hit spell list. I’m naming it ‘Drow Spells’ and changing the intelligence mod to charisma. Just highlight intelligence and write charisma in lowercase letters. Your Save DC should say 8 + charismaMod + proficiencyBonus. Pay attention to the capitalization, it won’t work if you change the capitalization at all.

Racial Spells on Dicecloud

According to the Player’s Handbook, I can get 2 racial spells so I’ll set the maximum prepared to 2. Now, we don’t actually get these spells till level 3 and 5 respectively, but I’m going to add them just to show you how.

So first I hit the plus and check the spell library. Unfortunately, Fairie Fire is not in there so I’ll have to add it manually. So click the plus and hit add spell. Next, you just fill in all the details. Admittedly it’s a pain, but on the bright side, you only need to do it once.

Adding Spells with Dicecloud

As for Darkness, that one was already in the library so I just had to select it.

Adding A Background On Dicecloud

Go to the ‘Persona’ Tab. You will already see a window called ‘background’. Click it and the pencil icon to edit in your background. Use Add Proficiencies to add your new skills and tools. You’ll be required to type out the tool kits names

Backgrounds on Dicecloud

Skip down to inventory and equipment in one of the headings below to see how to add the background junk in if you want to.

Add your Dice Rolls in Dicecloud

You can do this at any point in the process. Go to the features tab and select ‘Base Ability Scores’. Click the little pencil to edit and input your rolls. It’s already formatted for you, you just need to change the number.

Add Your Class In Dicecloud

Back to the journal tab you go. Hit the little plus above your race and write the name of your class. This is where you add all the goodies like spell slots and ki points and rages. Not just that but you can throw your HP in here every time you level up. I’m going to make a monk. I’m going to make it level 5 in order to show you how to add certain features and hp.

Adding Hit Points

So for a monk, my hit die is 1d8. So I’m going to add 5 d8 rolls to my class, Dicecloud automatically adds your constitution. So, go to Add Effect -> Stat ->Hit Points ->Add and go nuts!

Weapon Proficiencies

Nice and simple, we have already done this one for our race. It doesn’t matter if you get the same proficiency, dicecloud accounts for that. In your Monk Window (in Journal) hit, Add Proficiencies and click skill then select ‘weapon’. Just write the name of the weapons and your done. Same procedure with tools.

Saving Throws

My Saving Throws as a Monk are Dexterity and Strength. You may already have seen this while adding your weapon proficiencies. Hit Add Proficiencies and select Saving Throw. Then, select your relevant Saving Throws. Remember, if they go off screen and you can’t reach them, just make a bunch of blank tabs underneath them and delete them when you are finished.


Another easy one. The same tab in the journal, again ‘Add Proficiency’ and select skill followed by the relevant skill. By the end it should look something like this:

proficiency on dicecloud

Inventory and Equipment In Dicecloud

So our class gives us some free goodies, but we have to know how to use the inventory first. First things first, hit the plus in the corner and add a container. You can make one of these for every backpack, portable hole, or ‘bag of holding’ you own. Next, we put our stuff in it. I’m going to add my Sickle. Hit the plus and add an item from the library. Once you have added the weapon click it and flipped the slider to equip it. When you equip it, it automatically comes out of the container you have it in.

Adding Class Features In Dicecloud

A lot of the time it is best to put these in the features tab. Some of them you can put with your class in the journal tab. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should though. For the sake of the tutorial, I’m putting them all in features. To begin, hit the plus in the corner.

Unarmoured Defence

So here is one that actually involves a little code, sort of. So the Player’s Handbook states that unarmoured defence is 10 +dexterity +wisdom mods. However, Dicecloud automatically adds dexterity to all armour so you just need 10+wisdomMod. Select Add Effect, go down to Stat, select armour, select Base Value and then input the above code. All done!

AC in Dicecloud


Martial Arts

Subbing out strength for dexterity or any other stat is very easy. Just open the attack you need to change (in features) and switch ‘strengthMod’ with ‘dexterityMod’.

Dicecloud Mods

The next part of Martial art actually changes the damage die. My monk is level 5 so it changes his damage die for monk weapons and unarmed strikes to 1d6. An unarmed strike is usually 1+your strength modifier. In this case, it will be 1d6+dexterityMod. Add the attack in features.


As for the last part of this feature, you could add an additional attack for each unarmed strike and monk weapon that only used a bonus action. Yet, it’d be easier just to remember this one so it isn’t necessary to input at all.

Ki points, Rages, Sorcery Points etc

Head back to the journal tab and hit your class. Go to Add Effect and down to Stats. Scroll down and you’ll quickly find all those class specific points. Add the appropriate number of points for your level. For me, it is 5 ki points.

dicecloud ki points etc

Ability Score Modifiers With Dicecloud

For this one simply go to features. Add Effect and select Ability Scores. Makes sure you hit ‘add’ not base stat’. Then simply enter the value.

If you have any specific questions, drop them down below. I may make a separate guide purely for adding feats, but this should get you started. If you are eager to test your new character out than why not come join our campaign.