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Dreamfall Chapters Review

Maybe it was all just a dream!

Dreamfall Chapters is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While it was released some time ago on PC, it is now available to a wider audience. It is also a sequel to some previous PC only game’s.

Dreamfall Chapters starts you off as Zoe, a character that has fallen ill and is in a coma. You soon find out that people have been using things called dream machines and that the this game is set in a dystopian future.

Dreamfall Chapters

Just Wow!


Visually, the game is downright gorgeous. It offers some seriously vibrant colours, great shadow effects and some seriously good anti aliasing. Lighting effects in this game are done so well that I often stopped in awe at how great the game truly looks. It is up there with some of the best looking games I have seen from both a technical and plain visual standpoint.

It also offers some interesting environments that would without a doubt make anyone salivate. These range from medieval times to a futuristic city that is a blast to explore. All of the places I visited throughout this title were a delight. Add all that to some seriously good voice acting and a great cast of races and characters and you have yourself a pretty special experience.

Sound wise the game is well done, the aforementioned voice work is excellent, the environments are filled with a vast array ambient noises and the soundtrack is also one of the best I have heard in a video game yet.

Next we get to gameplay. From all of the trailers and images you see on your store of choice, Dreamfall Chapters really fails to tell you exactly what you are getting into. It seems you may be playing a third person adventure game like Tomb Raider or perhaps an open world experience with RPG elements. It is in fact a small part of both of these types of game mixed with a massive amount of something else.
Dreamfall Chapters is hugely story driven and plays like a third person adventure game. Each level is a giant hub and almost everything can be interacted with. Some may describe it as point and click like, but this is wrong. While the gameplay revolves around you looking at and interacting with objects, you do have full control over each character. This game also has a large amount of cut scenes too. Some may not like this aspect. I find that some games do this right and some do it wrong. This game does it right as they offer valuable information in these watchable sections. They also add more background to each character and add to the overall brilliant story.

Dreamfall Chapters

Lets get out of here…

There are also various conversations throughout that you can influence one way or another. Much like TellTale games, many characters will remember your actions or what you have said which means your experience will be rather different to mine provided we made different choices.

As mentioned above, this is a sequel and if you are like me and have not touched or even heard of the first game’s, then you may find yourself a little lost as I did. Rest assured that the more you get into Dreamfall Chapters, the more it opens up and you will likely find you almost know everything by the time you are done.


So Dreamfall Chapters is a superb experience and is an absolutely awesome game. I only encountered one issue throughout my entire playthrough, which was when trying to interact with an object. On the odd occasion I had to be in a specific spot to interact. Other than that, the game was absolutely solid. The soundtrack is also superb and if you haven’t delved into this universe yet, I recommend you go and do it right now!