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Dubh The Eternity Queen -Homebrew God

Dubh (dʌv) is known as The Eternity Queen and The Mother of Machination. She is from the Eastern Trinity mythos and is a Neutral Good alignment. Dubh draws her power directly from her follower’s love of her. Her spirit is entwined almost like a hivemind to those closest to her, known as the bloodsworn.


Dubh is a mixture of a dark elf and a black phoenix and is heavily augmented. Her long black hair reaches all the way down her back and turns into a fluffy black phoenix tail at the end. She is fairly asymmetrical, only possessing one arm, wing, and leg and using metal prosthetics in place of the missing limbs. Her feet are that of a bird and her prosthetic arm ends with a claw. She stands at about 6ft and had a wingspan of around 12ft. When wearing her armour she is very similar to a Valkyrie.


At the heart of Dubh’s philosophy is transhumanism with a specific focus on extropianism and technogaianism. She has a firm family-oriented focus and those within her circle are invaluable to her. Her followers please her by improving the life for sentient beings preferably through technological advances. She is particularly favoured among clerics and doctors and is known for her divine interventions on behalf of the dying.

She is also delighted by anything that helps nature thrive. Dubh is a living conduit for Avraban’s energy since she is the sole survivor on our plane of the celestial war. Like her mother, life seems to follow Dubh. Any area she is situated in will experience an unusual level of growth. This can result in bizarre things like 10ft blades of grass and house-sized mushrooms in areas she has settled down in. Like her mother, she dislikes death, disease and famine, but unlike her, she doesn’t want to hand out immortality. Instead, she opts for lengthening and improving the lives of sentient beings.


In the wake of the Celestial War, the world was destroyed. Alone in the ruins was Dubh. Blessed with Niddra’s powers, she could not die from mortal methods. She wandered the ruined world growing weaker from her isolation. Over time she realized that ghosts of the once prosperous kingdoms existed. From the ruins, she salvaged metal and forged the trapped souls into them. Thus she created a small race of what we now know as warforges. Over time and with the help of Dubh and her people life began to bloom once more.

After having spent a near eternity in the darkness of the void, they retreated underground. It is said that in times of great peril the Eternity Queen shall rise and lead those loyal to her into battle.


The Spring Equinox

Due to Dubh’s aura of life which tends to benefit nature around her, many associate her with spring. Some stories say that the winter only goes away after she rises from her underground temple. Thus on the spring equinox, her followers throw a party in her honour. This usually involves a lot of fruit offerings and farmers praying for her blessing.

Structure of Dubhs Order


The unquestioned queen.

The Bloodsworn

The sworn guards of Dubh. They are each hosted in their own metal bodies created by her hands. Their minds are directly connected to hers and each other’s and her will is there’s. They love her unconditionally and there is nothing in this world that would make them betray her.

The Endless

The citizens of Dubh’s kingdom who are in warforged bodies.

The Hopeful

The citizens of Dubh’s kingdom who still have biological bodies and who are transitioning into becoming The Endless.

The Touched

Followers who to show their commitment to Dubh by removing a limb and replacing it with a mechanical one. The more that is replaced the closer to Dubh they are said to be.


Standard biological beings that spread Dubh’s philosophy