Dungeons And Dragons: Curse of Caherban Campaign

Curse of Caherban is a private Dungeons and Dragons campaign played over Discord.

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Plot and World of Curse of Caherban

Once upon a time, the realm as we know it was ruled over by elemental guardians. Powerful beings that kept the balance of nature and kept demons and fey from entering the region. Life was good and despite minor conflicts with the Imperial Nation the realm grew prosperous. The seat of power lay in the city of Caherban. Its huge white walls contained a small kingdom dwarfed only by the snowy mountain range at its back. The people there were known for worshipping ‘The White One’ and elemental being that lived in the peaks of the mountains. In time, they forgot any other elemental existed.

The fear of war drove many from the city and kept many more firmly behind its walls. Among those who left were a group of adventurers who would seal our fate. They journeyed far and wide looking the power to repel the Imperial forces forever. Along their journey, a young wizard in the party became enamoured with the power of the elemental guardians. Her obsession grew, and her friends who were ignorant of the existence of all but The White were easy to trick. With their aid, she was able to lay each of the guardians low and devour their power. Unfortunately, along with this strength came a terrible curse. Piece by piece she lost her humanity, and one by one her comrades fell to her hand. Upon drowning her final comrade she retreated to a small island and made her final transformation; She became the hated and feared creature we now call Tiamat.

Her madness was bottomless and she ravaged the realm. Boiling seas and crushing mountains in her path. She came upon Caherban and the conflict was beyond bloody. None could stand before her might. When all seemed lost an old wizard stepped forward. Her once mentor glowing with a snowy white light. His only prayer was to protect every citizen from Tiamat’s wrath at any cost. In a sense, it was answered. A rush of magic blasted through the city and into the land beyond it and time itself bent to stop Tiamat. Now she hangs above the city like some dark star and below her the petrified form of her tutor.

Unfortunately, it is not a permanent solution. Inch by inch she moves against the time ward which cannot hold her indefinitely. The light has long since ebbed from her mentor’s staff; what will become of us when the power that protects Caherban fades entirely?

People were forced to abandon the inner city due to the slow progress of time. They expanded outward and began to rebuild. The further away they got from Tiamat the closer time became to a normal speed. Many of the people in Caherban spent the extra hours in the day wisely, resulting in vast differences between the sectors. As time progressed another consequence of the spell was realized. Outsiders who attempted to enter the city would age the number of years since it was cast. This combined with the realm itself being thrown into chaos from the lack of guardians lead to Caherban being isolated from the rest of the world. Many don’t even believe it exists.

2000 years have passed since then. The realm has become something even the Imperial Empire doesn’t seek to conquer. Plagued by demons and chaotic weather it is a hostile environment for anyone. One well-read, charismatic bartender is putting together a guild with the goal of restoring the realm to her former glory.

Important NPCs


Whiskers is the owner of The Tabaxi Whiskers. This pirate was cursed by a sea god not to be able to dip one toe in the ocean until Tiamat is defeated. With that in mind, he set out to create a guild up to the task.


Tadethra is a close friend of Whiskers, though he doesn’t show it. She was once a wizard of well-known skill, but after losing her best friend she devoted herself to healing people. She is now the house cleric of The Tabaxi Whiskers if you can separate her from her ale long enough to be healed.

The Mistress

The mistress is a demon who lives in Caherban. She is in charge of the various brothels and may be snacking on her patrons occasionally. Yet, she is an invaluable source of information when it comes to the arcane or the greater world. Of course, that sort of information doesn’t come cheap.

Active Character Registry


Caherban City:

A large city split into 3 distinct zones. It is the home to most of our heroes and The Tabaxi Whiskers.

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The Southern Sea/Wilds

The Southern Wilds is the area most unchanged by the lack of a guardian. Tiamat’s presence keeps most of the more intelligent creatures far far away. The exception being most beasts and goodly aligned fey. It consists mostly of lush green environments and sea. Previously, it was the home to the elemental guardians of Poison, Water, Wind and The Forest. There is a small coastal settlement known as Aboleth Bay where one can board a ship to The Far East. The Southern Seas are known for their wild weather, hidden islands and giant turtles.


The Western Steppe

The Western Steppe is known for its heat. It contains a vast desert that was once part of the sea. Legend says Tiamat boiled it dry during her rampage. The land is hostile, featuring rocky outcrops and a large active volcano.

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The Far East

Land of the Imperial Empire. Separated from the rest of the region by a vast mist land inhabited by the undead lays the distinctly oriental Empire. Their red-sailed privateer ships strike fear into any pirate. Their thirst for conquest knows no bounds, but fortunately, the current chaos of the realm has led to many great divides in the kingdom; Without unity, they’ll never conquer anything but each other.

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Campaign Objectives

Main Quest Objectives:

Defeat The Corrupted

When the guardians fell their places were filled with dark entities. The Corrupted’s origin is still unknown to us, but they are incredibly powerful. Their presence corrupts other creatures in the area and while they live a new elemental guardian cannot rise. 5 of these dark entities lend their power to Tiamat. If they are destroyed she shall be weakened.

  • The Corrupted of Plague
  • The Corrupted of Storms
  • The Corrupted of Corpses
  • The Corrupted of Ashes
  • The Corrupted of Decay

Restore The Guardians

This may involve restoring shrines or finding entirely new creatures to fill the power vacuum. When enough guardians are restored they will be able to help you destroy the time ward. Once the ward falls, you will be able to fight Tiamat.

Defeat Tiamat

Once the time ward falls all that is left is to destroy the creature who began it all.

The Enemy Of My Enemy

A story is never so simple. Ensure that something like this can never happen again…


Side Objectives

Defeat Biome Bosses

The presence of The Corrupted alters normal creatures into much tougher and smarter monsters. While a Corrupted exists in an area, these creature will continue to spawn. If you defeat a biome boss after defeating The Corrupted of an area you reduce the threat level of the area. This allows players to travel safely into adjacent areas. Biome bosses often drop unique lore related items.

Grow Your Totems

Upon being accepted into Whiskers’ Guild you will receive a totem. These totems grant you additional powers and allow you to see hidden gateways to The Corrupted’s lairs. Huh… have you ever noticed they look like keys. Maybe they unlock something.

Collect Lore


There are secrets and stories scattered throughout the realm. Some are just fun tales for a bard to tell, but other may hold the key to defeating your final enemy. Don’t be afraid to explore.




  • Server Launch (15th)
  • Biome Boss (Will-o-Wisp Way)


  • Biome Boss (Pleasant Meadows)
  • Festival of Hearts


  • The Corrupted of Decay (Will-o-Wisp Way)
  • Biome Boss (Final) (Will-o-Wisp Way)