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Five Elements Review

Five Elements is A Tough Puzzler!

Five Elements is out now on Steam, it is a puzzle game and it is one of those games that makes you question your sanity.

Five Elements is a game where you have to join nodes and elements together in order to create a reaction that will remove the so called bad elements. You join by clicking and dragging the mouse and you must remove all of the bad elements within the time limit. There are also spells that can be cast to help you save the day. It sounds easy, but on a scale of a hard to brutally hard, this game ends up on the latter end of the scale.

Five Elements

Kill that fire….

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for that indie goodness that presents itself as many good and solid releases. I am also up for a new developer bringing some sweet 2D puzzle games to a platform until they get their first break. I just find this game to be better suited for a mobile platform.

Visually the game is decent, it offers some tight two dimensional visuals with some slightly three dimensional effects. Everything from the menus to the game play is clear, bold and easily readable. It looks as if some of it has been translated too and if it has, well that is also done fairly well.

The sound effects are alright, but the music is seriously annoying which prompted me to play it in complete silence. It is a quite a complex puzzler with some alright gameplay. You see beyond the aforementioned node stuff and a few spells, there isn’t much else to be had. It is a puzzle game with challenges and that is all.

More challenges… Yay

There is also a story that is barely memorable and is probably not worth investing too much time into.

Some of these types of games can be quite good and I must reference one of the best puzzle game makers at the minute with the name 10TonsLtd. They offer some truly fun and memorable puzzle games for various platforms. These also have a decent story and aren’t so complex that you struggle to understand, yet at the same time aren’t so easy that you will finish them within the first ten minutes.

Five elements falls into neither of these types. It is certainly not easy, but it is also not easily understandable. The story is somewhat lacking and the overall presentation is something I have seen time and time again. While the idea of the game is kind of unique the rest just falls flat.

It also didn’t hold my attention well at all. This almost looks like I despise these types of games which is quite the contrary. If these games are done right, they are memorable and addictive.

Five Elements lacks the necessary components to feel like a fully fleshed out experience and that is the bottom line. While it is cheap, It also lacks any real user reviews. I believe that the game could have been good had more time gone into special effects and a slightly better story. Hell, even some variation in gameplay would have helped. I Personally still look forward to seeing more from these developers as I think they have the means to push forwards and do more.


Overall Five Elements is one of those games you may like. If you love beating every single puzzle game, then it is worth it, if not then watch some gameplay first. I thought it could have been more but, that is just after all my opinion.