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Homebrew Dungeons And Dragons Religions And Lore

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There are many Dungeons and Dragons religions canon to the series. Unfortunately, the lore for these is often very simplistic. How are you meant to quote scripture or emulate your prophet if you know nothing about them? With that in mind, I want to share this page of Homebrew religions, lore and myths specifically designed with Acolytes, Paladins, Clerics, and Warlocks in mind.










Dungeons and Dragons Religions Suitable For A Grey Morality Campaign

The Eastern Trinity

These three deities of various alignments all belong to the same creation mythos. I gave them a decidedly Eastern lean when it comes to temple design and rituals. There is also a mix of Celtic elements to give it a nice twist. These Dungeons and Dragons religions should all exist within the world at once or at least be referenced by each other as one is the devil of the other.

Avraban-The White Phoenix

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Nature (and the natural order of life and death), Fire, Redemption

Symbol: A phoenix chasing its tail forming a circle, with its wings splayed.

Colours: White, Gold and Pale Blue

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Avraban is a celestial white phoenix and a fairly uninvolved god. He believes in the natural order of life, death, and rebirth. He condemns necromancy and other similar crafts or deals to bring back the dead. His followers are advised not to fear death and believe in reincarnation. Within the religion, Paladins are sometimes referred to as the ‘Undying’ because it is said a Paladin will always be reborn as a Paladin. Followers of Avraban live a life devoted to the betterment of the world. They often believe in the bigger picture and don’t put as much stock in their own lives. They are known for a love of music and dance especially when either is of the traditional variety.

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Niddra-The Wingless Phoenix/ Fallen Black Bird

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Longevity, Pride, Sickness

Symbol: A Serpentine Dragon eating its own tail while forming the symbol for infinity

Colours: Black, Red, and Gold

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Niddra is the counterpart to Avraban. Originally a beautiful black phoenix who traveled the cosmos side by side with Avraban. After a confrontation with the white phoenix her wings were torn from her and she was cast deep into The Nine Hells. Years or torment and abuse have warped her perceptions of the universe leaving her to care for nothing but her ‘brood’. Followers of Niddra seek immortality and longevity and believe that they area superior breed to all other entities. Anyone not of their order is nothing more than mere cattle and they hold a deep hatred for those who follow Avraban.

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Dubh- The Eternity Queen

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Machines, Restoration, Runaways

Symbol: A Celtic knot with 3 points intertwined with a ring

Colours: Red, Dark Blue, Bronze

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Dubh is often referred to as the Daughter of Niddra. Born as a drow with a wasting illness the black phoenix took pity on her and imparted half of her being into Dubh. She appears as a young drow with fawn-like horns and a single black and useless wing wrapped around her, beneath which she keeps a metal arm. She struck out on her own, keeping uninvolved with her celestial parents. Heavily associated with mercy, Dubh appears in dreams to people seeking guidance, redemption, and freedom from sickness. Like her mother, she also longs to preserve life but also accepts that things inevitably die. Taking the middle ground she believes every creature should die on their own terms and offers immortality via mechanization. Her Underdark domain is populated by a finite number of constructs and warforges.

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