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Human Fall Flat Review


Falling has never been so fun!

Human Fall Flat apparently debuted on PC some time ago. Sadly, I had never even heard of this gem until its console release and as a result, I found out on what a had really missed.

Human Fall Flat is a puzzle game at heart that plays around with similar mechanics and physics that a game I have also not played yet, Octodad relies upon. You play as a blank being called Bob that has to use his strengths to overcome obstacles and while the game is level based, it is done so seamlessly that it feels like naturally developing arch. That’s to say there is a transition period at the beginning of each level, but there are no loading screens and this works to Human Fall Flat’s advantage.

 Human Fall Flat

You can do it Bob!

It just feels more current and less of just a puzzle game because of it. Human Fall Flat lets you dress up your Bob and it also has some pretty good multiplayer features.

Visually the game is simple yet striking. It has just the right balance of art and game to make itself cool. Colours pop in an almost all one colour palette. It makes each level stand out and as each level is so vastly different, it also helps with immersion and intrigue. I didn’t only keep playing because the game was fun as hell, I kept playing because I wanted to see what the next area was and how it looked.

Sound wise the game is solid, it offers a bunch of audio cues, a nice relaxing background score and some other brilliant sound effects. In my opinion the game nails its sounds.

Gameplay wise, well you have to use your head. You must then combine what you think is correct with the games awesome physics and hope it works out. At first you will just be learning how physics affects the way you traverse each level. You will then learn about interaction with an object or objects. You see, each interactive object in this game is so different that no two things you press or push or pull are ever the same. You must then put that knowledge to the test in each surprise you encounter.

Human Fall Flat isn’t always easy and some levels did have me scratching my head. There are hints that will drop from the sky in the form of a capsule. You pick it up and then a video should play in scene in order to point you in the right direction. I found that these often didn’t show or play properly on my play through prompting me to just rely on my smaller than average brain. I usually eventually found the solution and progressed with a grin on my face.

 Human Fall Flat

Taking out the trash….

This game is super laugh out loud funny. The way you pick up objects, climb and even walk sparks a smile. This turns into pure laughter when things go horribly wrong. Sometimes the physics engine takes over and can catapult your character into oblivion and while this is usually frustrating in any other game, here it is just plain satisfying.

This game has no real issues or soul destroying bugs either. It runs really damn well on PlayStation 4. In my opinion, this game only lets you down in one area and that is length. Human Fall Flat is quite short, it leaves you begging for more once you’re finished. There are no collectables to find either, so once the core experienced is finished, there is really no need for another play through.


Overall Human Fall Flat is a solid experience that relies on a players experimentation. It offers a fun and challenging time and never takes itself too seriously. The ride may be short but it is well worth picking up as in today’s saturated market of bland experiences, this one pays to be different.