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Runeyana Review


A Hack and Slash Adventure!

Runeyana is out now on Steam, it is an rpg of sorts and it does strive to use its own assets. Runeyana starts you off in a tropical jungle style area with nearly no story to be seen before being thrust into the game world. It is then up to you to go questing and to make your own story.

Keep in mind this is supposed to be an rpg, it does indeed have some light elements of role playing involved. There are different characters to talk to and a crafting system. You can even enhance yourself by levelling up. The areas currently available are large enough, but do feel a little void of life, even with the good looking characters in place. Put the rpg mechanics aside for a moment and you then see the real genre of this game. It is a third person hack and slash adventure that plays well as a hack and slash game. Some combat is a little awkward and could be improved in the area of player cameras, but other than that the action is all okay.

Those looking for that pure single player experience may be disappointed, this game seems to require an online connection and yes, you can meet other players.


Visually the game is honestly hit and miss. Some things look downright gorgeous whereas others look seriously ugly. The NPC’s in the game for example have this weird look, in between awesome and what an abomination. Personally, this in between look they have going for them is miles ahead of the character you supposedly create at the beginning.

That’s right, there is a character creation tool that works somewhat well. Take this as constructive criticism when I say “it desperately needs more”. In its current state it is not really worth having in the game. You literally only have a handful of choices that are so minor that they shouldn’t even be a separate choice.

Sound wise the game takes a serious hit with background music that will melt your eardrums along with voice acting so bad, it will turn you milk in that fresh cup of tea sour. It all sounds like it has been recorded and edited badly, in a little program called Audacity. I am surprised that the developer has the audacity to even bother including the shoddy voice work. See what I did there!

Luckily there is text, so you can turn the sound off and go from there. Some work is also needed on the user interface itself as it is also inconsistent.

Runeyana has to almost top my list of buggiest games I have ever played. There are some serious issues that I encountered on my rig. Many of these were clipping issues, getting stuck on parts of the environment happened a fair few times. It is disappointing to see too, this game has potential.


The character movement, which I personally liked may feel strange for some. When your character turns, he or she turns with a sort of sway. It is hard to explain but it definitely makes Runeyana feel less generic.

Lastly on the list of issues is something that should never be an issue. My aspect ratio was stuck at 4:3. I even changed the settings and re installed the game with no luck at all. It only made my experience worse as text was almost unreadable.


Overall Runeyana has the foundations in place that can propel it into something decent. It is a hard game to recommend in its current state due to its restrictive character creation, a host of bugs and glitches and some major inconsistencies. It could be something great and I really hope that the developer continues to improve and update this game.