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Archive .IS

Helping Archive.Is With Translations

Hello Readers, It recently came to my attention that Archive.Is needs some support. Originally I wanted to do a fundraiser for the website, but after talking to the webmaster we came to a different conclusion. What Is Archive.Is? Archive.Is is a tool on the internet that

Stephanie Smith

The Confessions Of A Reformed Racist

As a kid and a young adult, I’d never identify as Irish. Why? Well, I hated them in the same way most people hate drivers who cut them off. Really, it was only upon recent reflection that I realized I’m essentially a reformed racist. Apparently,

A New Life in China Indie Thoughts

The Truth About How And Why I Came To China

“You’re so brave! I can’t believe you came to China all by yourself! But why did you come to China?” People ask me this question so often I can recognize it in Chinese at this stage. People can never seem to get over the fact

Who Am I?

Who Am I? – No Answer Found Yet

Is it possible that such a fundamental question, as ‘who am I?’ could ever be answered? Quite often, simple questions (especially those about the self) like ‘who am I?’ have very long complicated answers, akin to offering a handful of pieces of a million part