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Star System for Mixed Skill Classrooms

A System For Keeping Mixed Skill Classes Engaged

ESL teachers are often thrust into mixed skill classes. It can be difficult to find the balance between catering to the strongest students without leaving the weakest behind. Unfortunately, teachers often choose a side and inevitably leave some students frustrated. Today I want to talk

Dungeons and Dragons Dice

Dungeons And Dragons In The ESL classroom

Dungeons and Dragons is currently my bread and butter. My amazing DM who I will shamelessly shill right here got me into it and now it is simply my thing to do at the weekend. Now we’ve already sung the praises of Dungeons and Dragons in

GG Reads Life And Death In Shanghai

Discussing Life And Death In Shanghai & Social Justice

Life And Death In Shanghai is an autobiography by Nien Cheng. It was published in 1987 and yet seems more relevant than ever. Nien Cheng was a woman who lived through China’s Cultural Revolution in 1966. She spent 6 years in prison under suspicion of being

Classroom Currency

Controlling Your Class With Classroom Currency

  A while back I wrote an article about motivating students with ‘Hogwarts House Points’. The system is still a great one that I do use, but, I have come up with an alternative. The problem with the Hogwarts House Points is having to keep

Gamify Your Class With Experience Points

Gamify Your Classroom With Hogwarts House Points

Hogwarts is a terrible school. Students die at an alarming rate, students are grouped by like-mindedness resulting in a class of ‘bad guys’, the sporting events are dangerous, and school punishments can involve walking into a forest with giant spiders and serial killers. Still, Hogwarts


Spore ESL Lesson: Teach Body Parts With The SCC

ESL Lesson: The Body Using Spore Creature Creator – Lesson Plan Goal Of Lesson: To teach students the names of different body parts. Required Materials: A copy of the free demo of Spore, A PC or Laptop, A USB or Harddrive, A projector or screen.